You would like to order one of the underwater photos? All you need to do is to select the image you like and choose one of the materials below. We print in three sizes on each material - please find the rates below under the description.

Once you chose the perfect image for your wall, just contact me. I ship the items straight from Europe for very low shipping fees. Enjoy your shopping experience.


posterpapersmalStandard Poster:
Posterprint on glossy material, shipped convoluted.
Perfect if you want to use your own picture frame or pin it to your wall. The lowest price to get your personal poster.

Size 20x30 cm Price: 11,00 €

Size 40x60 cm Price: 17,00 €

Size 60x90 cm Price: 37,00 €


leichtschaumsmall2Light Foam Board:
A very lightweight alternative to Alu-Dibond. Due to the quite soft baseplate, the corners of the print itself are prone to fray. Is cheaper, looks cheaper! Tickness: 5mm, can´t be used outdoors.

Size 20x30 cm Price: 35,00 €

Size 40x60 cm Price: 59,00 €

Size 60x90 cm Price: 95,00 €


leinwand20mmsmallCanvas 20 mm:
Like a painting the image is printed on canvas and afterwards mounted on a 20mm wooden frame. The image is borderless, so no white canvas on the sides.

Size 20x30 cm Price: 51,00 €

Size 40x60 cm Price: 95,00 €

Size 60x80 cm Price: 140,00 €


acrylglassmallAcrylic Glass:
The image is printed on the back of acrylic glass with a thickness of 4mm. This gives the print some sort of 3D look. Keep in mind though that acrylic glass is a reflective surface!

Size 20x30 cm Price: 61,00 €

Size 40x60 cm Price: 140,00 €

Size 60x90 cm Price: 237,00 €


Perhaps the most elegant way to present a print. The product consists of four layers. The beautiful UV-resistant print is brought up to a board with a plastic compound core and two aluminium plates that give the board extra strenght and durability. The thickness is no more than 3mm which makes the print look like it´s hovering on your wall.

Size 20x30 cm Price: 51,00 €

Size 40x60 cm Price: 95,00 €

Size 60x90 cm Price: 170,00 €